A hands on technology leader, engineer and data nerd with a rich work experience across a variety of organizational structures including start-ups, finance, healthcare and academia. Specialize in data, but also able to lead large teams and operate strategically with an understanding of the bigger picture.


Master of Science, Information Management & Systems (2005)
School of Information
University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Sociology (1997)
Department of Sociology
University of Maryland, College Park

Consulting Experience:

I've worked as a consultant for large and small organizations in the private and public sectors, including financial services, health care, government and academically-oriented research centers. My list of clients include Charles Schwab & Co., Extra Small Records, Imagine That, SolutionSet, TV Colony, Yahoo! Research, and iSound.

I've designed and developed large scale data-driven web applications, consulted on and participated in writing scientific research papers, written and maintained business-critical databases. I've participated in all phases of software developement, have developed a methodology for working with diverse clients and have established a reputation for delivering quality information products and services.

In June, 2005, I founded my own company, Arcus Associates, LLC. Through Arcus, I offer information design and development, and expertise in many cutting edge technologies.

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Non-Consulting Experience:

Director of Engineering (2014 - present)
Deezer, Inc, San Francisco

Director of Engineering (2012 - 2014)
Stitcher, Inc., San Francisco

Senior Software Engineer (2009 - 2012)
Stitcher, Inc., San Francisco

Graduate Student Instructor (2004 - 2005)
University of California, Berkeley
School of Information

Technical Manager & Data Analyst (2000 - 2003)
Charles Schwab & Co., San Francisco, CA
Database & Relationship Marketing (DBRM) Technology

Obama For America: In the winter and spring of 2008, I volunteered for the Obama campaign. I developed a robust interactive data analysis and visualization tool to evaluate canvassing efforts in the California, Texas and Pennsylvania primaries. I utilized Google's visualization API and PHP/CSS/JS/XHTML for this effort. I also donated computer resources and helped to develop tools to support canvassing efforts.

Orpheus: A music exploration tool. Orpheus started as the thesis project in pursuit of the Master of Information Management & Systems degree at University of California, Berkeley. In a nutshell, Orpheus is an interactive exploration tool and MP3 player designed to facilitate the discovery of new music and the exploration of the music universe. The application is built as on a client/server architecture utilizing Java, Postgres, and several open source tools. We collect community metadata from various web sources, employ data-mining and natural language processing to organize this data, and utilize it to power the client's information panes and network visualizations. Orpheus was awarded the James R. Chen award for best final project in the Social Media Track.

Verified Voting: In the summer of 2004, I volunteered for Verified Voting, to help them collect and organize data on polling places. Verified Voting was created to establish a nationwide network of attorneys and technical specialists to ensure that all votes were accurately recorded and counted. I was responsible for building the backend database architecture in collaboration with John McCarthy, collecting polling place and address data from the web, parsing this data and loading it into mySQL databases.

section: An interactive web-based art installation. The concept behind section was to allow users to select multiple film clips representing modes of transportation, times of day, and variations in movement in cities around the world. Users could then view portions of these film clips simultaneously. I was responsible for designing and developing the backend data architecture and developing the front-end user interface.

RecentListening Plug-in: I wrote this tool to post my listening behaviour from iTunes to my blog side bar. It is written in Object-Oriented PHP and utilizes 3 web services to find album art and other associated metadata such as links to the last.FM profile for the song and the URL to purchase the music on

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