Practice saying it. President Elect Barack Obama. Has a ring to it, no?

President Elect Barack Obama and the 1st Family

I never thought I’d have a video of Colin Powell on my blog, but these are strange times. This is a remarkable statement by Colin Powell. His endorsement isn’t shocking given his statements over the last few months, but his frankness and honesty are stunning. I was really moved watching this.

Among other things, the McCain campaign seems to be drifting into the unsavory ranks of alleged copyright infringers and digital pirates against whom the senator no doubt has voted time and again on the senate floor.

Wired magazine is running an article today that the McCain campaign has complained to YouTube executives that the company is way too stringent with regard to the company’s take-down policy for content that a copyright holder claims violates their copyright.

Evidently, the McCain campaign has seen several of its ads removed from YouTube after copyright holders complained that the content contained material that was copyrighted and not cleared to be used by the campaign. McCain says the ads are protected under the Fair Use doctrine. Fair what? Poppycock, McCain! The ads may or may not be protected under fair use, but the point is that your campaign doesn’t seem to realize that there may be legal issues at stake when you use content that isn’t original. Says the Wired article:

The letter is notable both because YouTube and online video generally have become prime platforms for communicating political messages during the 2008 presidential campaign, and because this is one of the rare instances when a member of Congress is speaking out in favor of fair-use rights, after experiencing for themselves the onerous burden put on citizens using media to express ideas.

Snicker. Who the hell is running this ridiculous, Orwellian mockery of a campaign? This isn’t the first episode of McCain’s campaign misappropriating content, and even people, in their advertising. Remember the whole Paris Hilton fiasco?

The McCain campaign, and John McCain himself, seem to have completely lost their way. I truly hope that John McCain can return to congress when this is all over and rediscover some of the good qualities he once possessed. Given his recent copyright travails, maybe he can now take up the mantle of fair use and end the strangle hold copyright holders have on creative expression once and for all.

I can’t stop giggling about McCain’s VP pick. It seems so completely daft and comic. Sarah who? Is this a joke? Who the hell is this person? What qualifies her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

The thinking seems to be that putting a woman on the ticket might attract some Clinton voters who are disillusioned with Obama and really want to vote for a woman. On the face of it, this makes sense. But I don’t buy the argument that women voters are out there just blindly voting on gender regardless of policy considerations. Palin is an anti-abortion, gun rights advocating evangelical Christian. Is that the candidate who will support women’s rights? She’s basically a conservative hick governor. She’s no Susan B. Anthony.

The Times ran an article this morning about some of the problems with this selection. One of the main ones is that it discredits McCain’s central argument that a young, relatively inexperienced candidate is ready for office. McCain has been banging away on the experience issue, and he “now needs to convince the public that it can imagine in the Oval Office a candidate who has spent just two years as governor of a state with a quarter of the population of Brooklyn.”

He he. The veep debates will be interesting…

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This is the best news I’ve read all day. Via tailrank and The New York Times, John Edwards has endorsed Barack Obama’s candidacy! This is big news for several reasons, among them: the “white, working class” vote that Hillary has been bragging about, Edwards’ solid domestic policies, Edwards’ 19 delegates that will likely go to Obama now, and another high profile super delegate going in Obama’s column. This was a coveted endorsement. Great news for the Obama campaign. Next up, Al Gore?

Radiohead and MTV just released this “official” video for the bands song “You’re All I Need” from the album In Rainbows.

I’m impressed that MTV took on a difficult topic like child labor, particularly since it potentially impacts their advertising revenue. The video isn’t that interesting by Radiohead standards, but then again that’s not really point, is it?

It’s a great song also. On a related note, the Amp Live remix of In Rainbows, called Rainy Dayz (free for download), is outstanding, including the remixed version of “You’re All I Need.”

There’s nothing like relaxing in the afternoon sun with a good book.

The Audacity of Theo

“There is a moment in the life of every generation if it’s to make its mark on history, when that spirit — spirit — has to shine through, spirit that says we are casting aside our fears, and our doubts and our cynicism… when we embrace the difficult, daunting task of remaking a nation…” – Barack Obama 2007