I can’t stop giggling about McCain’s VP pick. It seems so completely daft and comic. Sarah who? Is this a joke? Who the hell is this person? What qualifies her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

The thinking seems to be that putting a woman on the ticket might attract some Clinton voters who are disillusioned with Obama and really want to vote for a woman. On the face of it, this makes sense. But I don’t buy the argument that women voters are out there just blindly voting on gender regardless of policy considerations. Palin is an anti-abortion, gun rights advocating evangelical Christian. Is that the candidate who will support women’s rights? She’s basically a conservative hick governor. She’s no Susan B. Anthony.

The Times ran an article this morning about some of the problems with this selection. One of the main ones is that it discredits McCain’s central argument that a young, relatively inexperienced candidate is ready for office. McCain has been banging away on the experience issue, and he “now needs to convince the public that it can imagine in the Oval Office a candidate who has spent just two years as governor of a state with a quarter of the population of Brooklyn.”

He he. The veep debates will be interesting…