This weekend I did some housekeeping on the blog. I modified my theme to make it widget aware, and in the process made some other modifications. I’ve been using this theme (Connected) for years and I like it a lot. Now that I’ve made a lot of mods on the theme, I decided to rename it to Reconnected.

After making the theme widget aware, I removed all the hacked up content on the sidebar and rewrote all sidebar modules to be widgets that I can easily manage from the admin dashboard. I also added a few fun modules: the pretty recent listening widget from Last.FM replaces my hacked recent listening plugin; a cool album cloud from Last.FM; and a Google calendar that shows how I’m doing in my 30-day yoga challenge. I also fixed the search box so that it actually works.

In the process of this housecleaning project, I learned a little bit about writing widgets for WordPress, knowledge that may come in handy as I build tools for exploring and organizing music collections.