As a vinyl collector/fanatic, I’ve complained for a long time how patently unfair it is that, if I want to own a vinyl copy of an album, that I’m faced with poor choices if I ever want a digital version of that album for my iPod or something. Consider the options:

  1. I buy two copies of the album: a CD and an vinyl copy, and burn the CD to my computer. There are a lot of albums I do own at least two copies of, and plenty of albums that I love enough to buy several times over, but it seems unfair that I would *have* to buy any of them
  2. I rip my vinyl copy to disk. This is a poor option for several reasons, among them poor fidelity, scratches, manually split tracks, poor ID3 tags, etc.
  3. Steal the digital version or ‘borrow’ it from a friend. Sadly, this is usually what happens. I figure I’ve already bought the album and thus I’m entitled to it in whatever format I choose.

Well, I’ve always reasoned that artists should offer a free digital copy of their music if one buys the vinyl. Why not? It only seems fair and would boost sales of the vinyl, perhaps. Well, today, my friends, I can see that someone has finally come up with exactly the same idea. RJD2 to the rescue!!!

Free Digital Copy

RJD2’s third album, The Third Hand, is available free for download if you buy the vinyl.  Good thinking, RJ! GMTA! I love RJD2, and now I have another reason to. The album, so far, is worth owning twice. Thanks! BTW – my record buying spree today can be heard live this evening at Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens 5-8.