Explore the Musical Universe

Okay, so maybe you can’t actually use Orpheus right now, but you can finally take a look at the interface and get a sense for the application. I spent a few hours this weekend taking screen shots of my beloved Master’s thesis (created with Vijay Viswanathan and Jeannie Yang) and putting them online with some explanatory text. You can check out a slide show of Orpheus’ main functionality right here. If you’re looking for the database documentation or older project documents, you’ll still need to visit the thesis site. I’d like to say in the coming weeks you’ll see more content online about Orpheus, but that’s probably not going to happen. The main motivation to post this stuff online is that as a professional I have something to point people to when I talk about what Orpheus did and what it is capable of.

As part of this process, I also compiled and installed both the client and server on my local media machine. Orpheus still looks cool, and is still enormously fun and satisfying to play with. The music landscape has changed a lot in the last two years, but I still love the idea of Orpheus.