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Hack This!
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SIMS reunion at Hack Day ’06

I’ve never been that enamored of Yahoo!, to be honest. For starters, the name bothers me. Call me a purist, but I don’t think words should have extraneous punctuation. Secondly, I stopped using many of Yahoo!’s (see what I mean?) features years ago as Google’s services started to come online. I snickered when the Yahoo Music Engine came online. In brief I felt as though much of what Yahoo! was trying to do Google was doing better.

But they’ve been doing some really cool stuff for a year or two now. Last year they opened the Yahoo! Research Lab in Berkeley and hired a bunch of really smart SIMS kids (and poached a faculty member to found it). They’ve acquired some pretty cool companies. They hire really, really well. And this weekend they are having the coolest tech event I’ve ever attended to showcase their awesome employees and APIs and motivate the developer community to get involved.

Welcome to Yahoo! Open Hack Day ’06. I attended yesterday’s workshops and was really blown away. Yahoo! is the shit. Seriously, where else can you get the downlow on PHP from the guy who wrote it, sit next to the person who started Flickr as you learn how to hack the Flickr API, and get a tutorial on the Yahoo UI platform library from the people who designed them and then rock out to a private Beck concert, replete with a live puppet show? Punk. Rock.

This was a great idea from start to finish. Yahoo! gets lots of smart engineers playing around with their tools and services, possibly adds a few of them to their payroll, and spreads tremendous good will among the developer community. Attending engineers and researchers, in turn, get treated to a series of enlightening talks by the leading minds in the industry, sees the internal workings of a cutting-edge company, and get to network with like-minded people.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the cool hacks that come out of this weekend. I’m also excited to start working with all of the APIs I was exposed to (ha ha) yesterday. Hopefully this is the first of many hack days at Yahoo!