Ironically, the year of Orpheus is the year that I haven’t encountered as much new music as I have in previous years. Thay may be because orpheus hasn’t been up and running for months, some key features, like sampling music in the network, were never implemented, or simply because there hasn’t been that much great new music this year. Also, with my increasing use of podcasts, mp3 blogs, internet radio, and listening to my whole library on random, I don’t always know who the hell I’m listening to. With that said, I’ve heard some great music this year.

My ‘best of’ this year is rather haphazard, as I’m leaving the country in an hour. So I’m more concerned with having enough sunscreen that I am about this list. Instead of making a CD, I’m just making a brief list of the music I have enjoyed. I’m also including cool new stuff, like a ‘most played new music list’, and my audio signature for 2005. Times, they are a changin’

My favorite new artist this year is definitely ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.’ Kanye West’s ‘Late Registration’ is good stuff, but the best song from that album isn’t even on that album — it’s the mash up of ‘Gold Digger’ — ‘George Bush Doesn’t Care about Black People’ by the Legendary K.O. This is a quality, timely remix of existing material for new purposes.

Also on my favorite list this year is Detroit Cobras’ “Baby”, M. Ward’s “Tranfiguration of Vincent”, Common’s “Be”. Obviously, I’ve listened to a lot of old stuff this year, and Mos Def’s “Black on Both Sides”, Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” and The Go! Teams’ “Thunder, Lightening, Strike” take the title for old stuff I’ve enjoyed.

Best show: The Go! Team @ Bimbos. Second Best: Digable Planets.
That’s it. Here are the links. Happy New Year!