Tonight Vijay and I went to check out The Go! Team at Slim’s. Their show was outstanding, just like it was last time at Bimbo’s. They had a new member, which put the total number of players on stage at 6. They are so much fun to watch, as they have to run between instruments between and in the middle of songs to produce the necessary sounds. It’s like a game of musical chairs between each song as the members scramble to get to the right place. Plus, they use recorders in their music, which as my grade school music teacher would agree, are the most bitchinest woodwinds on the planet (he might not use that phrase…). The Go! Team makes such awesome, high energy music. I love them.

They had a nice 3 peice called The Grates from Brisbane, Australia opening for them. I had never heard of them, but they rocked. They lack a bass player, but I didn’t miss the low-end due to the guitar player’s setup, and I was too distracted by the lovely Patience who dances like crazy while she’s singing. When they came on stage, she seemed a little out of place. She was wearing a nice sundress, while the other members were rocking the standard grunge/indie gear. But as soon as she got on the microphone, it all made sense. She has a great voice, an awesome lyrical cadence, and her stage presence (and that of the drummer) is outstanding.

All in all, The Go! Team is one of my favorite bands to see live. They (and/or their label) have an odd sense of marketing — their first album came out in late 2004, but despite widespread acclaim in the US, they didn’t tour here until Summer 2005. They didn’t release their album in the US until July 2005. And they announced during tonight’s show that they will have a single from that 2004 album (Thunder, Lightening, Strike!), coming out in the UK this Winter. Who releases a single from an album that came out nearly 2 years ago? But whatever, their style works. From here, they head North and then points east. Here is their tour schedule. Check them out if you want to rock out for an hour or so.