What a pain in the ass it was trying to install the latest iTunes/Quicktime on my PC. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my latest generation iPod, so I decided to get ready by installing the latest iTunes.

Turns out that some configurations of Win2000 and WinXP don’t want to play nice with the iTunes installer (which uses InstallShield). I followed all of the suggested steps here, including cleaning out the TEMP directory, making sure the settings on various folders were correct, and installing the latest InstallShield script (version 11). Still couldn’t get the damn thing to install. I then tried uninstalling iTunes and Quicktime. Nothing. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. In the process of uninstalling and deleting things, I managed to render my OS garbage. I had to reinstall the OS. Fortunately I store my data on a seperate disk, so nothing of value (except my Sunday) was lost.

The good news is once I reinstalled the OS, updated all of the patches (25 security patches for Windows!) and installed SP4, I was finally able to download and install iTunes 6. My new iPod had better be worth it!